Cafe Columbia Public Review & Blog
Chef Gordon Ramsey said it best,
"A Restaurant can't succeed when ran by a dictator"!
Several of the employees, and this blogger, a former manager, agree, owner Kathy is a micro manager and does not allow people to make any basic decisions, or use techniques which could make their jobs easier and more efficient! :-(
Learn the TRUTH about Cafe Columbia, its owners, its employees and its Bakery division, all right here at Review and Blog! In the Summer of 2020, I took a Job at Cafe Columbia as the Bakery Manager (aka Executive Pastry Chef), moving from the west side of the state at great expense, to learn it was NOT the job I was led to beleive it was. It was NOT a wonder family of people working at the Cafe, as I was told durning my interview. The cafe has a high turnover rate (acknowledged by the owner), many unhappy employees (who have since left), and the hardest part of the job is dealing with stress enduced by the owners.
Really, who needs to work for tyrants?
This is MY story as I review the cafe from direct experience during my short time there.
Notice to those seeking potential employment at Cafe Columbia!!! Before you consider taking a job at Cafe Columbia, learn what you might experience, from past workers. Read the Employement Issues page first, before you take a job you might surely regret!
Cafe Columbia claims to be a "Bakery" yet they do not currently employee skilled bakers (as of August 2020). Read the Bakery Page to learn what I experienced during my time at Cafe Columbia.

The owners INSULT the craft by calling their business a bakery.