WARNING! Before accepting a Job at Cafe Columbia - Wenatchee, READ THIS BLOG!!!
Owner Dan Rodriguez (aka John Rodriguez) says they have employed over 200 people since they started their business. The couple CLEARLY HAS A HIGH TURNOVER RATE!!!

You might not consider your employment at Cafe Columbia to be long term or guaranteed. 

Shortly before I was hired, they had fired several of their barista staff and the Barista Manager. There is a reason for this. In fact, while I worked there, a couple staff members were actively seeking employment elsewhere. Maybe because you are treated like a robot. Kathy can be very cold and rude to staff she does not like, but won't fire until she finds a replacement. There was a prep cook who told me she was sad that Kathy didn't like her. I asked Kathy about it and Kathy made it clear that she hated this girl, saying she was immature. It was then clear to me that the Owner Kathy, had no ability to work with staff, no wonder the turnover is so high!!

Take a job at Cafe Columbia, and you may be the next victim, or not. But do think of job security, and read this BLOG to learn facts about job potential.

When I interviewed for my job as Bakery Manager ($18.00/hr plus tips +bonus), I was told the work enviroment was like a big happy family. Owner Kathy even directed me to view photos online of the staff, in a state of togetherness. WELL, that is not what I experienced!! Not at all. The biggest area of issues was the coffee barista's. Talk about rude, cold, and lacking any amount of social class or fellowship, it was clearly a placed of children, immature and unprofessional, spending their time at work putting on fake smiles to customers. I felt like I was in high school again. LOL

The Barista Manager wears a false smile and seemed to think it was okay for her to tell me how to manage my department. The only nice this about her was that she was open and accepted as LGBT! But also very typical, as I have known a few LGBT. Why do you think the "L" is the first identifier? LMAO

My bakery staff consisted of Kelly and Jessica. Neither know a single thing about professional baking. Kelly was, at one time, the Cafe Kitchen Manager. Kelly left to take a kitchen job at the local jail and for reasons not to be part of this BLOG, returned to the Cafe wanting to return. However the Kitchen had no openings, so she took a job as a Baker. in the first few days of working with Kelly, I found her to be rude, lacking of any skills and basically disrespectful. I should have fired her on day one. But I of course, first impressions are never good, so I waited, hoping she would actually be worth keeping. Kelly DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO BAKE. She was a back stabbing B*tch, and that is being kind. What I learned was that Kelly was mad she WAS NOT offered the Bakery Manager Job!! So she made it a point to see I failed. Turning other staff against me before I even arrived on the job. Kelly was disrespectful and I would have never hired her. I a town famous for apples, Kelly is the bad Apple at Cafe Columbia. The owner Kathy is too much of a coward to replace her.

The Previous Bakery Manager left Cafe Columbia to start a competing business on Wenatchee Avenue, next to Rent-A-Center. Cafe owner Kathy is paranoid and believes that "Becca", the previous bakery manager, sabotaged Cafe Columbia by intentionally improperly training the current bakers (Kelly & Jessica), so that the bake goods would be poor. Yep!, Paranoia is a Great Word to Apply in this case!!!