Owners; Kathy & John ("Dan") Rodriguez - a.k.a "MANDELBLUETE LLC."
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From major micro managing issues, unreasonable attitude and major exaggeration about business sales and staffing, the owners of Cafe Columbia are typical unqualified small business owners.

Claims of SEVEN digit sales by Dan are realized to be false after I took the job and actually saw the REAL numbers!

Any amount of truth from this husband and wife couple (or should I say "wife and husband"), would have made my choice to take a Management job at Cafe Columbia, very different! But I took the job, on the faith that these two were real and honest, and sincere to their words and promises. I am NOT the first employee to experience the wrath of fear and paranoia by these owners, at this small cafe.

The former barrista manager, and even the prior Bakery Manager, suffered similiar issues. One of the cooks evens comes to work sad that Kathy snubs her and feels Kathy does not like her. Well, Kathy hates her but won't terminate her because she can't find a replacement. Well start looking for a new job, because loyalty at Cafe Columbia has no place when it comes to the employees. YOU won't even be given a chance.

TIP for the Owners: DON'T HIRE DEPARTMENT MANAGER'S AND THEN NOT LET THEM MANAGE!! JUST HIRE SUPERVISOR'S. There is a difference and you would know that if you went to Business School, <---- click that link and read what that University of California Berkeley says about it. 

Ref: (https://hr.berkeley.edu/node/3818#:~:text=Managers%20have%20a%20significant%2C%20external,the%20work%20of%20subordinate%20employees)

Cafe Columbia is operating under the Limited Liability Company, "MANDELBLUETE, LLC."

with a published address of:

WENATCHEE WA 98801-2726